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An important method in archery that John Dudley teaches is the 4 P.O.C. (points of contact). This 1,2,3,4 method is something he developed to make sure archers are focusing on the anchor, facial contact, nose contact and peep acquisition in the appropriate order.

#1 ANCHOR POSITION – This should always happen first. Index finger under the jaw and your other fingers above it. The mistake many people make is instead of anchoring first, they are too eager to see their sight so they instead pull the peep back to their eye as number 1. WRONG! If you focus on the peep first then who knows what combination of facial pressure and anchor positions you will end up with. Most likely, it will not be repeatable! Also, if you add in angled shooting then you are destined for disaster! The release hand to the anchor position is always #1!

#2 STRING TO MOUTH – You should feel a light and delicate touch of the string to the side of your lips and corner of your mouth. This pressure should be light and the lips must be relaxed.

#3 STRING TO TIP OF NOSE – This happens naturally as you slightly tilt your head forward to acquire the peep. This step is important because where and how your string sits on your nose tells you a lot about your other steps. If the pressure or position feels wrong then one of the first steps is likely wrong. If that’s the case, cancel the shot and start over!

#4 PEEP ACQUISITION – As your head is tilted from step #3, it’s likely that #4 comes into plain sight and easy peep acquisition and alignment happens. Your head position is now correct and your technique is proper for shooting any angle simply by maintaining this position and bending at the waist for up or down shooting.

Learning to be fluid in these 4 steps, and not wasting time and energy trying to randomly dial everything in, is something that happens with practice. These steps promote repeatability, clearance, low pressure and alignment and will help your accuracy guaranteed.