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Purpose-Built and Delivered to Your Door for Under $100

The Nock On Training Bag Target is built in the USA in collaboration with Morrell Targets. It is a purpose-built indoor/outdoor target with specific short, mid and long-range training aids delivered to your door for under $100! The front side features walk back tuning lines and 4 distinct training quadrants that have multi purpose uses:

  • Top Left – Three NFAA Vegas Target Faces
  • Top Right – Nine 1 3/4 Inch White Aiming Dots For Close Range Shot Execution
  • Bottom Left – One 3 1/2 Inch Center Square & Four 2-Inch Outer Squares for “Trust the Float” Aiming Excercises & 4 Stars for Additional Aiming Targets
  • Bottom Right – NFAA Field Target Faces
  • Horizontal & Vertical Center Lines – For Walk Back & Bare Shaft Tuning

The back side of the target is designed for longer distance training with the following features:

  • One Large 10-Inch Center Dot For 60+ Yard Long Range Shooting
  • Four 4-Inch Outer 50-Yard Dots
  • Four 3 1/2-Inch 40-Yard Stars

Both sides of the target are also designed to prolong the life of the target by utilizing the entire target. The target is 27-inches tall, 25-inches wide, 15-inches deep and weighs 36 pounds. It comes equipped with an easy-to-carry handle for transport and reinforced top rivets for hanging. The target is built to take thousands of shots, with easy to pull arrows, providing you with a purpose-built, long lasting archery training aid wherever you go.



Training Bag