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PSE Carbon Levitate. The Bow That Rises Above Them All.

Check out this technical bow review with John Dudley as he breaks down the most advanced compound bow ever – The All-New PSE CARBON LEVITATE.

Weighing in at only 3.6 pounds, and precision built from top to bottom, the CARBON LEVITATE debuts PSE’s new, proprietary Dead Frequency Carbon Technology riser that is meticulously hand laid in the USA. It’s rock-solid, whisper quiet and absolutely dead in the hand. Powered by the all-new E2 Cam System with a 348 FPS IBO speed rating, it is smoother and more efficient than ever. Engineered with a new robust bearing system, it’s been optimized for ultimate stability, reduced friction for a smoother feel and increased speeds at all draw lengths. Additional features include a redesigned wider limb and pocket platform, a new bullet proof cable guard system, rear stabilization mounting options and the ever-popular, PSE exclusive, PBTS System. The PSE CARBON LEVITATE rises above them all and redefines the high-end bow experience. Available exclusively at Authorized PSE Pro Shops.