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The Ever-Popular Nock 2 It just got better!

The Nock 2 It is one of the most popular releases on the market today and it just got better! The all-new Nock 2 It has been redesigned to feature a brand new trigger engineered with Carter’s Controlled Engagement System (CES) along with a new trigger sear. This new trigger system eliminates the need to make adjustments to the back of the trigger arm to adjust travel. The CES has a predetermined travel that is incredibly crisp and eliminates any unwanted travel.  With this new design, all you will be required to do is adjust your trigger tension setting on the top of the release to dial in your tension preference. Whether you like a light trigger, heavy trigger, or something in between, you can dial in your custom trigger tension setting with the simple turn of the tension set screw. Eliminating the screw through the trigger arm also creates a much more durable design with greater repeatability due to less moving parts. The new Nock 2 It continues to feature a custom 2 finger design, auto-closing jaw for a quick and easy attachment to your d-loop, removable wrist lanyard, and a finger hole to accommodate a light glove while hunting. The all-new Nock 2 It. The best just got better!


Nock On Archery Nock 2 It Custom Release